"How Naturalis adapted to the new normal"

A deep dive into how Naturalis enabled digital transformation to adapt to the new normal with the Close platform and fulfil customer experience in a new way.

CultureGeek: Museum Reinvented

February 18, 2021

Museum reinvented: How Naturalis adapted to the new normal

Corine, Head of Communications at Naturalis Biodiversity Center will share insights together with Kiliaan Toorenaar, CEO and Founder of Close, on the reopening of Naturalis, complying to measures during the pandemic and gaining trust of visitors short-term. As well as looking ahead on their long-term strategy to connect to visitors in new and meaningful ways, making visitors trusty fans.

"If you understand your customers, you understand why you should get Close®. We'd love to help you create relevant digital experiences."

Chris Gruijters
Chief Product & Founder

"Don't let your most valuable customers just walk out the door. It's time to connect and build win-win relations."

Kiliaan Toorenaar
CEO & Founder
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