One platform to sell tickets anywhere
Easily create ticket groups and types, determine (dynamic) pricing and timing. Integrate Close into your existing website or use the Builder to create a unique page to match your brand.

Crowd pleaser
The Close scan app allows for quick checkups with easy sign in/out and a resulting live overview of the attendance. Does your crowd consist of Blackberry users and old timers? Our services include the conventional pdf as back-up.

Ticket API
Already married to a handsome ticket provider with fancy floor-plans and stuff? That’s fine: thanks to our API and SMS service, you can still activate your ticket buyers to become close directly after buying a ticket.

Quick check-out, valuable check-in
We don’t like asking for unnecessary data and strive to keep away from ludicrous service costs. Our efficient onboarding flow with online payment makes for happy customers and optimal sales.

We currently connect with:

Live insights into event performance

Once your event is live, the Builder gives you unique insights on engagement and performance. Designed to provide you with details at a glance and uncluttered big pictures.

Your guests, your data
As publisher of the event, all generated data from your ticket sales and app activity is also yours. You can export your data to your CRM or DMS. We are big advocates of real-time customer data platforms that maximise the effectiveness of Close and are open to connect.

We currently link with:

For selected eyes only
You can easily set up multiple accounts with varying permissions to make sure the right person has access to the right tools.

Let Close help you and your guests with GDPR compliance and privacy
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